Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Table for One

Solitary Banquet is a project idea that was born out of my own love of taking myself out to dinner.  I have always enjoyed the solo dining experience for many reasons.  The air of mystery that I am convinced surrounds any woman seen dining alone, the satisfaction that comes from being able to fully enjoy a meal without the distraction of conversation, and the joy that comes from treating myself well.

I've found that among my friends their feelings about a table for one range from feelings similar to mine to being rather close to fear.  Most seem to fall in the middle.  Eating out alone makes most people at least a little uncomfortable.

I admit that at first I felt the same way.  It was something I rarely did unless I had to due to travel or had someplace to be and taking the time to fix a meal at home wasn't feasible.   I would sit at a table and think that surely everyone was staring at me.  I couldn't do it without a book or a pad of paper to write on (because writers can get away with dining solo...they are after all creating ART!).   I would eat as fast as I possibly could and then get out.

Somewhere along the way though I got over it.  I can't say exactly when but one day I just had the realization that I deserved to enjoy my meal out as much as anyone who had dining companions.  I just made the decision to enjoy myself and have done so ever since.  Now I love it to the point that I actually have to hold myself back or I will surely end up in the poor house.

The intent of this blog is to cover all aspects of the solitary dining experience.  I am sure there will be many personal anecdotes, tips on how to make the experience more enjoyable, how to scout out restaurants when traveling, but I also hope to include a fair amount of reviews written from the perspective of the solo diner.  Some establishments are more welcoming of those eating alone than others and I'd like to support those places.  I plan to enlist the assistance of friends who also nosh alone on occasion to write these reviews.

I hope this blog will be an exploration of the experience and also prove helpful to those who find, by necessity or by choice, that they are sitting at a table with one set of silverware and a solitary water glass,  The dining alone experience does not need to be an anxiety producing one, but can be enjoyable and even fun.

Nom on.

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